Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Hermes Constance

 Well as you all know Iam  such a Purse wh..e!! ooops!
So I have been thinking about this bag ever since I recieved my Hermes Catalogue! I think its a cute bag with an H logo, but its just too small for  me, I dont have that many evening events or any event at all that requires a small bag, plus well this Baby does not come cheap! Brand new one would be around 5000$ more or less then goes up depends on size and leather, Well anyhow,i still love it!  lolzz. Hope someone gives me this a  present! lolzzzz ;D


  1. where have you been? there's been no posts by you lately

  2. wow, this bag is to die for! loooooooove it!


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