Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Hermes Constance

 Well as you all know Iam  such a Purse wh..e!! ooops!
So I have been thinking about this bag ever since I recieved my Hermes Catalogue! I think its a cute bag with an H logo, but its just too small for  me, I dont have that many evening events or any event at all that requires a small bag, plus well this Baby does not come cheap! Brand new one would be around 5000$ more or less then goes up depends on size and leather, Well anyhow,i still love it!  lolzz. Hope someone gives me this a  present! lolzzzz ;D

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Balenciaga City

Congratulations to my friend Sharon on her new Balanciaga !! so pretty!!

 Vanessa HudgensAmanda Bynes
Balenciag city is one of the most wanted bag probably because of its size, and versatility. The bag takes you everywhere and its soft leather! nice!
Nicole Richie

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Hermes kelly, Crocodile leather! yummy !!!!

I always thought of myself as  a Birkin Girl, But after I got my Kelly i really love how sophisticated it looks! I have been thinking and'' Lusting'' over this Kelly in crocodile leather on the top photo,,,ugh! I really really heart it! sigh, hmmmmm yummy! sigh again!!! lolzzzzzzzzz

Lucite shoes spring-summer 2010

Gucci and Prada

 I was sort of staring at these shoes,,, ah so gorgy! hmm if only i could wear those killer heels!

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Dream Purse collection closet!

Jamie Cuaca´s closet!

 I have Died and gone to Purse heaven! lol! OMG, can u imagine how many Birkins and kellys and other fancy things the owner of this closet has? sigh,,,a girl like me can just salivate and
Well the only similarity my purse closet has with this one is the glass closet where i keep some of my purses and jussssssst a couple of birkins and a kelly, and an Hermes PicotIn! lol.
Can u imagine how poor i felt! hahaha.