Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Hermes Picotin

Katie Holmes with hermes Picotin

Hermes has many bags, but they are very well known for the Birkin and Kelly. I guess because of its high price tag and the crazy waiting list.

Hermes Picotin is one of the summer bags Hermes has but Its either you like it or you dont.
Its not one of those glam looking bags, it is very simple ,sleek and elegant looking bag. There´s no hermes logo anywhere except at the bottom of the bag, if youre not into Hermes bags you wont even know its an Hermes bag. I guess thats what is Hermes actually is ..very understated. If you love logos, then is not for you! hmm i think Hermes is not for the logo maniacs! lol.
I think! its girly..great for summer tea parties, garden parties or just for errands, when you dont want a  huge heavy bag.

I got one for my birthday! Thank you! lol. Its pm size, just cute and small it came with a twilly! lol.
I guess,, this bag is one good way to start up an hermes collection handbag,,,it´s quite affordable, well made, light and great leather,,mine is clemence leather.
Do you heart it??


  1. the bag would definitely look good on you. happy birthday!!

  2. Hi, Happy Bday!! when was your bday exactly? I had mine on March 29!!also it would be great if you could make a video with your new Hermes baby..iam very interested in that specific bag as well :D..Also is that true that at the moment its better when u buy Chanel from Europe instead of US?iam travel a lot so i really want to know!! Happy bday again and you have a great style ; )

  3. thank youuuuu, for greeting me on birthday! mwahhhh big kisses! lol. my birthday was 16th march! am vintage!!! hahahaha.

  4. hi IONNA...i cant really say its better to buy chanel in europe,,although i personally think in CHANEL in Paris i find there are more designs and limited editions that does not reach the US market, and i find it cheaper here in europe as well, just my opinion though i could be wrong. but design wise i find it a bit more different in europe sometimes.have fun and thanks for reading my blog. toodles xoxo