Friday, 19 March 2010

Chanel Spring Summer 2010 Collection...The Thong

So this afternoon, was a really busy day for me,,,I slipped on the sidewalk! so my feet is kinda swelling and sore! ugh!!!!

 Pearl Thongs By Chanel

I have been eyeing the pearl sandals, its not leather but its comfortable and chic looking despite that its a summer or pool or beachy kind of thong. Its easy to clean too!!!!!!

Despite what people say that non leather Chanel sandals is not worth it,,,i respectfully disagree with this one.
First, i have a friend of mine that has a shoe manufacturing business and he said that its not as easy as people think to manufacture and design this kind of material. Second this design is so cute to resist!!! Thanks Darling Karl!!lol
As you already know....I heart it:)lol Do you???
Iam very happy with my new loot!!!


  1. it's really cute... i think you might like the new collection at dior as well similar to this but has like a bow as well. ^^

  2. May I ask where are u originaly come from? and how old are you?

  3. yes i saw the dior one! pretty!
    and am from germany and am vintage! lol

  4. lovely for every day wear! :)

  5. Fantastic,you have Chanel "at your feet" :-)

  6. Those are adorable! Do you know where I can buy them online?

  7. hi beautifulskyline,,,
    i honestly dont know where on line to buy them, but try ebay or net a
    chanel unfortunately doesnt sell online i suppose.

    thanks and xoxo