Saturday, 13 March 2010

Basic Accesories are a must have in a stylish woman`s wardrobe!

Rachel Zoe,the queen of accesorizing! ilove her.
Sylvie Vandervaart with Hermes Belt and Hermes Birkin
Amanda Bynes

Being stylish is being able to express yourself,discover what´flatters your figure, hair, skin and most specially fits your life style. Comfort is an utmost importance for me ( comes with age,i guess!), you need to be comfortable with anything you wear. Do not let the dress own you,but you should own the dress and be a part of it.

I am a firm believer of Quality is better than quantity. You dont have to have a lot of money to be stylish and fashionable. But just be aware of quality pieces, you must have in your wardrobe.
Staple pieces than you can splurge on that will last for a life time.

1. Accesories. I think they are the essence of any outfit. Can change any look from casual to glam.
Invest on great Belt, I like Hermes belts, they are reversible and can make a simple outfit into instant fashion statement and high lights your feminine shape too!"
2. Purse, purse , am huge on purse,,can break or make an outfit. clutch, tote and classic structured if your bank account allows you to spend on a designer bag,,,i like chanel,hermes birkin, kelly and other brands are fine as long as they are neutral designs.
3. Watch,huge watches are great,,gold or silver. Huge watches makes you look slimmer!
4.statement bracelets and necklaces. Gold is great for tan, olive skin.
5.Scarf, hat, when u want to look sort of different and protects you from the sun!and a great pair of shoes...comfortable shoes,,,but yes sometimes we have to suffer for beauty.
6.Boyfriend jacket,,, iam so inloove with it! its easy to wear and so useful.
7.Diamond earings,,for instant glam!
8.Sunnies!!! i never go out without them,, they are great coverage when am tired or i just dont wanna be bothered,,,,and looks great too!!! I love the huge ones,, it is so Jackie O.

These accesories are a must have for any stylish and fashionable woman's closet.
Hope these helps.


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